Our Services

Through authentic and relevant coaching and mentoring, the St. Louis Chapter of BDPA will enhance the skills and capability of its members by providing training, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Members will gain exposure to the STEM industry thus providing ample opportunities to learn, grow and gain the support needed to succeed in the industry. The St. Louis Chapter of BDPA prides itself on being the forerunner in STEM education. Members and the community alike will greatly enhance their influence, career opportunities, education, and partnership through the St. Louis Chapter of BDPA’s innovative and relevant services.



The St. Louis Chapter of BDPA will provide the opportunity for individual, corporate, and nonprofit memberships that will give its members access to:

Relevant Resources

Transforming Workshops and Training

Powerful Speakers

Certification opportunities

Support team

A place to leverage their gifts, talents, experiences and skill



The St. Louis Chapter of BDPA will provide monthly community networking events. These events will host a guest speaker, give members an opportunity to engage with other members and also drive membership.

Networking is fun!
Networking promotes knowledge-sharing.
Networking boosts your profile.
Networking strengthens connections.
Networking spawns fresh ideas.
Networking keeps you “in the know”.



The St. Louis Chapter of BDPA offers certificate training courses for those looking to enhance their skills in the STEM industry. These training courses serve as launching ground for a successful start or restart.

Enjoy an open coaching forum which promotes healthy conversation and stimulates thought. Action steps are given at the summation of every lesson.



The St. Louis Chapter of BDPA will empower its members through coaching helping them to achieve a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.
Live a more productive, organized, stress and clutter-free life.
Reduce frustration and anxiety.
Target meaningful career and life goals; set realistic strategies to achieve them.
Increase your ability to prioritize, self-motivate and complete projects.
Improve relationships.